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Cryptocurrency / Cryptocurrency
« on: November 11, 2017, 05:26:48 PM »
There are a lot of Cryptocurrency at this moment. Most people know bitcoin, but there are more like Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash, Dash, Ripple (XRP) and a lot more ! (ZEC)

Bitcoin / Bitcoins - Should you get them or not ?
« on: November 11, 2017, 05:21:00 PM »
A lot of people wish now that they had bought 1 year ago bitcoins ? Simple because it is now so much more worth then them. But is it still interesting to make some profit with bitcoin ? Or should you better stay away from it simple because it is a the big risk ? Talk about it here !

Traveling / Talk here about Traveling !
« on: November 11, 2017, 04:24:34 PM »
Always wanted to have a small place where you could talk about traveling ? Then this is the place for that. Talk about big or small trips. With boat, caravan, car or motorcycle ! Whatever type of transportation is good ! Ask your questions here ! And you know it ! Do not spam !

Money / Talk about your Money website
« on: October 10, 2017, 04:55:22 PM »
Are you having a Money website (Like about how to make money or business website) Then you can talk here about it. Tell others where they can find your website. It is allowed to place a link ! No affiliate links or porn links allowed !

Nature / Show your Nature website here !
« on: October 10, 2017, 04:54:00 PM »
Are you having a Nature website (Like about animals) Then you can talk here about it. Tell others where they can find your website. It is allowed to place a link ! No affiliate links or porn links allowed !

Anything else ? / Anything else for the How to ?
« on: October 10, 2017, 11:00:03 AM »
Would you like to know something else ? Need a How to manual on something and it is not part of the other categories ? Then ask it here ! If it is popular then we will make it own category about it !

Build a Forum / How to build your own Forum ?
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:58:09 AM »
Maybe you like to have your own forum and you want to start building it. Then this is the place where you can talk about it ! Learn how to build a forum with paid and free software. Ask your questions here !

Build a website / How to build your own website ?
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:56:28 AM »
There are many ways to build your own website. But you always will get questions doing it. And this is the place where you can ask questions. But if you are a website builder then you can also offer your services here !
Simple get in contact with the people here who are looking for a website !

Advertising your business is NOT allowed unless you pay METALANDS.COM for advertisning.

Advertise / How to Advertise ?
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:36:26 AM »
Most people who have a service and / or product will have to deal with this sooner or later ? How will you advertise ? Spending a lot of money on advertising campaign, or are you doing it yourself ? And the most asked question will be, how will you do it ?

For this and all questions and answers related to this subject you can talk about it here ! Simple register and after your account is approved you can ask your questions or even tell how you did it ?

FAQ / Can I advertise here ?
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:12:51 AM »
Yes and NO. If you mean with advertising placing your links random on the forum then NO ! You are NOT allowed to do that. If you place a article that need a relevant link for the article then we allow it after asking if it is approved. If not asked, we will remove it, and ban your account.

If you want to place PAYED ads then we can talk about it. Simple send a message to the administrator here !

FAQ / How to register !
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:08:56 AM »
Registering is pretty simple ! Use a original email and register. However if we think that you are here just for spamming we will NOT approve.
If you spam, your post will NOT show up simple because it is checked before placing online !

FAQ / What is ?
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:51:18 AM »

And welcome to

And I hear you say it already ! "What is all about ?"

Well, that is actual pretty simple. It is all about what you can do on the internet !

If you want to do something on the internet then this is the forum to ask your questions about it. Whatever it is !

We will make categories in the forum about all the different subjects, so you can talk about whatever you want.

I hope that you will find in your land to talk free !

Hope you like this idea !


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